The Secretary Labor of Indonesia Also Doing Blusukan

Pict: The Secretary Labor of Indonesia, Hanif Dhakiri.
Salatiga, Caping-- Blusukan style popularized by the President of Indonesia, Joko Widodo when became the Mayor of Solo and as the Governor of  DKI . Blusukan even being the characterizes of  Jokowi  on the current presidential election campaign ago. Blusukan style by Jokowi  is global, but who would have thought if it is now blusukan not just belong Jokowi.

Before, the Acting Governor of Jakarta, Ahok also practice blusukan, now  turn for Menaker (Secretary of Labor ), Hanif Dhakiri doing blusukan. According, yesterday morning, Wednesday ( 5/11 ),
he is familiarly called Hanif visited Indonesia Company Private employment ( PPTKIS ) Elkari Makmur Sentosa which is located at Asem Baris Raya Road , alley Z, Tebet, South Jakarta .

According to information compiled by, during a visit to this TKI shelter, he finds shelter is not according to the rules specified by ministerial regulation No. 7 of 2005 on Standards of  TKI Shelter.

In the camp, there are 43 prospective workers who daily studied, ate, slept on the ground (the living room). Not only that, in the shelter is also only one bathroom is shared and turns.

A moment before, Hanif own arrival was greeted with the board's refusal to open the gate. Because it does not open, then he shouted to be let in the fence. " Buka pintu pagarnya. Saya Hanif Dakhiri Menteri Tenaga Kerja mau sidak dan cek lokasi ini. Kalau tidak dibuka saya tutup tempat penampungan ini (Open the door of the fence. I am Hanif Dakhiri, Secretary of Labor wants the inspection and check this location. If it is not open, I close this shelter), " shouted Hanif.

Because still not opened , finally, Hanif asked his aide to  dismantle a fence blocking fiber. With the seat up the motorcycle, then Hanif  climb the fence and get into the shelter house. ( es )

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