How to Develop Self-Confidence

Presented by: Siti Purwaningsih*

Everyone has self-confidence within it self. Sometimes you feel so shy when people looking to you every time. It’s called un-confident. When you walked, presented, or did something in front of people, you became nervous and lost your confidence. In this essay I will show you the important things that make you confidence on yourself. They are dressing nicely, having good hygiene, and practicing good posture. You will be more confident and made a splash.

     Apply dressing nicely on your body is the first thing that makes you confident. Not only wore an expensive dress, but also usual dress that seem appropriate with your appearance will make you more confident. For example, wore a veil, shirt, and trouser. You should not wear over-tight clothes or impolite dress. It’s make you as hog of people around you. Automatically, they will talk about you. And this event makes you lost your confidence to do something.

      Having good hygiene is desire of each person such as physical perfect, weight, and height that balanced. Physical exercise regularly will make your body slim and health. Also use vitamins and healthy foods (fruit, vegetables, milk, etc) will help or maintain your level health to be more active and energize. Sometime you encounter some people who have bad hygiene in your life. As physical defect; blind, weird person, deaf, dumb, etc. Maybe they have self-confidence that different with you to do something in their life.

     Practicing good posture is the last important in this essay. You believe that everybody has born with varieties posture. You have ever seen different type of each person, such as stacked and hunchback. If you have hunchbacked, you have to change your style. Try to make your body sturdily start from walk and sit. Luckily, if you have stacked body, you just practice a good posture. For example walk softly and beautiful, sitting anywhere sturdily, and do something use good posture correctly. It will make your day perfect.

     That all are three important things that offered to you to be more confidence to do your days. They are dressing nicely, having good hygiene, and practicing good posture. If you have them, you will be easier to present, walk, and doing something front of your friends, and unknown people. And remember that they will be looking at you more comfortable and interested. Try to relax and smile every time.

*English Student, STAIN Salatiga
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